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Who We Are

Mike Meltzer

Mike Meltzer is the Founder and Owner/Operator of CA-TC.  

He has Negotiated, Processed and Closed over 200 Short Sales, is a licensed REALTOR, Real Estate Broker, Certified Transaction Coordinator, and has nearly 15 years of varying Real Estate experience. 

He can be reached at 888-215-7358, Ext 1 or

Neda Muqaddam 

Neda Muqaddam is the Lead Transaction Coordinator of CA-TC, and is a Certified Transaction Coordinator with over 1,000 transactions Closed and over 15 years of varying Management experience.

Neda can be reached at 888-215-7358, Ext 2 or


Sherri Glidden 

Sherri Glidden joined us in 2017, and brings experience from several areas of Real Estate.  Sherri's regimented approach to learning and growth have made her invaluable, and

she can be reached at 888-215-7358 Ext 7 or

Trisha Phillips

Trisha Phillips joined our team with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry and a decade of management. From legal affairs and dispute resolution to compliance education and marketing, Trisha brings a unique set of skills to managing your transactions. 

Trisha can be reached at

Chris Baker

Chris Baker has been dedicated to the Real Estate industry for 28 years including 20 years as a Realtor and brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge. 

Chris can be reached at 888-215-7358 Ext 5 or  

Stephen Elton

Stephen Elton has done it all, from residential sales and marketing, to agent coaching and back end support, and as a Certified TC is the first 2020 member of CATC!

Stephen can be reached via

Jelissa Sheu

After several years assisting a high-producing Realty Team, and working as a Realtor herself, Jelissa now provides the support we need, to provide the support you need!  Although Jelissa remains behind the scenes, you may hear from her via

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