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What Your CA-TC Transaction Coordinator Does

(so YOU don't have to):

  • Confirm your Broker’s file requirements and preferences (before we open our first Escrow)​

  • Audit the Offer, Counter Offers and Addenda to establish terms and deadlines


  • Send all Parties a custom Escrow Calendar & Contact Sheet for easy reference, co-branded with your Logo​

  • ​Provide our Invoice to Escrow with an itemized list of what we’ll need to complete our file

  • Explain our role to your Clients so they feel comfortable when receiving our requests for signatures, etc

  • Introduce ourselves to the “other Agent” so you don’t have to “middle-man” documentation

  • Ensure Seller Disclosures are provided on time and compliant, per your deal’s specific needs​

  • Draft Disclosures as needed, and pursue signatures/corrections via fax, email or Docusign until complete

  • Retain all data and documents, including any emails or text communications, for your file 

  • Keep your Brokerage current on documentation as preferred, and Docusign CAR forms for Broker Initials if desired

  • Send reminders and follow up all documentation, to help ensure delivery by contractual deadlines 

  • Confirm preferences for Home Warranty coverage and order the Home Warranty if appropriate

  • Request copies of all Inspection reports upon completion, provide to Parties as needed

  • Audit file consistently for outstanding documents, to ensure a complete file before closing 

  • Ensure Escrow receives or provides all Amendments, Reports and Invoices as needed, including the Closing Package

  • Audit file prior to closing to ensure no documents remain incomplete or outstanding, and send for Broker review

  • Upon successful closing, provide your Broker a compliant Closing File via email or upload as preferred

  • At closing, send your Closing File via email, and if requested, send a copy to your Client directly

  • After closing, send your Client a Satisfaction Survey and Testimonial Request from you

  • Assuming their feedback is stellar, we’ll post the results on Facebook for easy sharing​


​​​Our goal is for you to be so excited about the support you receive from us that, you’ll be happy to introduce to those you know who could use our help.  We like to say, “helping you grow helps us grow”, and it all starts with your Clients.


Call us today to discuss what we can accomplish together!

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